Jillian O'Neill
Jillian O’Neill is the principal designer under the firm carrying her name for 10 years.  She has designed numerous high end residences as well as prestigious charity showhouses.  She is best known for her discerning eye and her use of fresh and elegant furnishings that accentuate either existing spaces or renovated architecture that is under her direction. LUXE interiors, Modern Luxury, Elle Decor, LXTV and many more have all been featuring Jillian’s work since her first year in business.
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Kelly Barnett
Atelier at Home contributor Kelly Barnett wears three hats: mother of two, wife of one, and assistant designer at Jillian O’Neill Interior Design. Kelly also dabbles in gourmet cooking (its gourmet if you don’t use anything canned, right?), poetry, charcoal drawing, and long distance running (when she’s not too pregnant and it’s not too hot out. Or too cold.) Sharing Jillian’s vision to bring high-end design to you, Kelly believes a beautiful home is an achievable element of a full and beautiful life.
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