What budgets do you work with for the contest?
We will work with a wide range of budgets throughout the contest.  Each month will show a unique perspective.

Do I have to live in Houston or Chicago or close to a Jillian O'Neill office?
No, we are looking forward to working with anyone since we are lucky to connect with people from all over the world via this site!  All work will be completed via email.

What is the timeline for entry and delivery?
The contest ends the last day of each month at 11:59 pm.  Any entries beyond that will be considered for the next months contest.  You will be notified within a few days after winning and the concept will be complete within 30 days.

What comes with winning the contest?
You will receive a custom floor plan, a list of all furnishings and accessories chosen and sources for all items.

Does the winner remain anonymous?
Yes, we will describe details of the design and budget and a bit about the lifestyle, but the winner will not be identified.

What if I would like a room concept but do not want to wait to win the contest?
Please see our "Custom Atelier Program" for a paid and expedited design.

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