Monday, April 21, 2014

Lovely Mondays - Inspiration

I am currently having a really fun time putting together wallpaper/mural ideas for a client's space.  Our goal is sophisticated and feminine while staying youthful.  It is somewhat a dreary day here so I thought these papers were the perfect pieces to add some color to your day...

Cole and Son



Gracie Studio

Black Crow Studios

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Contest Wednesdays - Furnishings

Because this month's winning space was a fairly straightforward dining room spatially we are going to focus more on the furnishing selections this time around than the floor plan.  

Highlight 4
I saw this piece as mainly masculine, however, the oval shape and the finish adds a bit of softness as well.  I also really like the unique silvery gold finish here.

Highlight 5
I am not always a proponent of doing something dramatic on the ceiling.  That trend is getting a bit overused in my opinion.  But this subtle textured paper will add warmth and just a bit of interest without taking away from the main elements in the room.  Holland and Sherry is the master of subtle luxury.

Highlight 6
I am extremely happy these were requested by the clients.  Durable, chic and fun to pair with almost anything, the Stark Ghost chairs have long been my favorite.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Lovely Mondays - Inspiration

All of the various fashion weeks as of late have been very inspiring, as per usual. In my former life I would watch closely for the styles, the walks, the makeup...whereas nowadays I find myself wanting to turn certain dresses into pillows or dining chairs.  Below are a few of the highlights for me.

Altuzara used color blocking to perfection.  I love the fresh combination of black with fuchsia and orange.

I love the glittery interior of this coat by Alberta Ferretti.   The juxtaposition of this with the wool is stunning.  This is a perfect example of monochromatic with loads of interest.

Stunning detail from a Gucci dress

Finally how about this shade of green for this coming fall?  I know I am biased but Giorgio Armani is always perfection in my mind.  

I especially love how many of these designers are pairing fresh colors with black.  Also notice the texture pairings that add such interest.  Not only is this successful in fashion but it is vital in interiors as well.  Silks with wool with linen...the combinations create interest and, ultimately, energy in a room.

Photos by Yannis Vlamos via

Friday, February 14, 2014

Fabulous Fridays - Menu

As previously mentioned, my husband and I celebrated Valentine's Day a bit early this year due to travel plans, so I can already vouch for this menu.  I planned for a rich pasta dish to pair with a bottle of wine from our last trip to Napa.  All served with crusty bread and a light spinach salad, it was very easy.  (ps I did not make the pasta myself and instead used a dry rigatoni)

Tonight I'll be celebrating with my kids, eating pizza and watching the Olympics.  How are you celebrating?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Contest Wednesdays - Furnishings

This month we worked on a sophisticated dining space; one with a traditional ground but with some unexpected elements in order to freshen the look.  

Highlight 1
The client requested something that would take a lot of use because she envisions not only using this space as a dining room but as a library.  The zinc will patina over time and really will just get more beautiful with wear.  

Highlight 2
These sculptural leather chairs will certainly add interest to the composition as well as having a rich textural quality.

Highlight 3
This piece will really shine in this room with its stunning wood finish.  The color will look especially beautiful against the warm blue glossy wall.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Lovely Mondays - Be Mine

Thinking about Valentine's Day today...a bit early since my husband will be traveling on Friday.  So instead I'm going to make dinner on Wednesday and as usual I'll try to be thoughtful about my table setting.
 I have always enjoyed Valentine's day, even back when I was single (I am a sucker for just about any holiday).  Why not use it as an excuse for good friends, girl movies, pink nail polish and eating cheese for dinner and chocolate for dessert?   
Hope you enjoy these ideas that you can implement for your partner or your friends.
My inspiration is a dinner at dusk while watching the sunset...

Friday, February 7, 2014

Fabulous Fridays - Cake.  Again.

I am usually not a shortcut cook but I'll make an exception when I need chocolate cake at 8 pm (which is way too often).  I have seen and tested my share of mug cakes when my oven was broken last fall.  This is my variation after experimenting.  Hope you enjoy and happy Friday!

Dark Chocolate Mug Cake

1.  Melt 2 tbsp butter in coffee mug
2.  Stir in: 2 tbsp water, 1/2 tsp vanilla, pinch of salt
3.  Mix in: 2 tbsp cocoa powder, 3 tbsp sugar and 4 tbsp flour

whisk then microwave for 45-80 seconds, depending on your microwave.  Mine took 50.