Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Contest Wednesdays - Furnishings

Because this month's winning space was a fairly straightforward dining room spatially we are going to focus more on the furnishing selections this time around than the floor plan.  

Highlight 4
I saw this piece as mainly masculine, however, the oval shape and the finish adds a bit of softness as well.  I also really like the unique silvery gold finish here.

Highlight 5
I am not always a proponent of doing something dramatic on the ceiling.  That trend is getting a bit overused in my opinion.  But this subtle textured paper will add warmth and just a bit of interest without taking away from the main elements in the room.  Holland and Sherry is the master of subtle luxury.

Highlight 6
I am extremely happy these were requested by the clients.  Durable, chic and fun to pair with almost anything, the Stark Ghost chairs have long been my favorite.

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