Friday, September 27, 2013

Fabulous Fridays - Family Picnic

I admittedly am the guilty one at the Whole Foods checkout.  Of course I partake in the organic offerings like the next person, but really I go there for the good stuff.  My cart usually ends up filled with artisan cheeses, imported chocolate and Lagunitas beer with some kale thrown in for good measure. 

With our move to Houston I have discovered Hubbell and Hudson market and it is exactly where I need to be...way too often.  It is a specialty market with the very best fresh and gourmet food.  They even offer a Viking Cooking School which I am desperate to try.

This weekend I am going to plan a picnic with my family with my finds there today.  Dinner truly “out” with no prep work and little expense!  I may strategically find a spot adjacent to where the Miranda Lambert concert is taking place so I can eavesdrop while the kids play.

My favorite finds today:

And how to pack all of this up?  

This case by Kate Spade is so chic.

And more casually I could fit my baguette as well with the one below from Jayson Home.

And for the ultimate in picnic basket design, please enjoy this clip which I found so inspirational:

Back to work now with my coffee and Jim Thompson swatches!  Happy Friday!

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