Friday, November 1, 2013

Fabulous Fridays - NOLA

That's right, I am headed to New Orleans this weekend.  I am thrilled for so many reasons.  The first is that it is a 13th anniversary trip for my husband and me and we have had so much fun planning it together.  Secondly, it really it is the closest I can get to Paris without leaving my four children for too long!  Finally, my last trip there (10 years ago) we had freezing rain and wind so it was unforgettable in not such a good way...I know it has way more to offer than what we experienced then.

Things I am looking forward to seeing...and PLEASE leave any advice if you have it!

I was really a fan of this chair that artist Sarah Ashley Longshore did for Anthropologie a while back:

I have commissioned two bowls now from the talented sculptor, Michael J. Clement.

A vintage chair from Perch Home

A pair of 19th century French Versailles urns from Antiques de Provence

Let's not forget the indulgences

Whether home or away, enjoy your weekend!


  1. ooo I have never been to New Orleans but have heard only the best things. And that Anthro chair is amazing!

  2. Hi Alecia! For more check out this past Monday's post :) We had a great stay...thanks for reading!