Monday, October 28, 2013

Lovely Mondays - Sculpture

I realize that antiques have a very strong place in design and, quite obviously, vintage is making itself more than heard these days.

As a change of pace I would like to shine my spotlight on new products.  As I am working away on my furniture line, I have a newfound admiration for craftsman that have built a name for themselves.  There is such extensive time involved in getting each piece just many details to consider.  Personally, my inspiration is derived by shape and proportions because when I have evaluated pieces in the past that dictates my initial opinion.  Then of course finishes are a huge component but those details, although equally important, can be imagined later.

Below are some of my favorite "sculptural" pieces that have provided inspiration when working on interiors in the past.  There is a very fine line between a piece that is sculptural and one that is contrived but in my opinion the pieces below have found their voice without being obtrusive.

I used these dining chairs in a Lincoln Park dining room.  My trick was to upholster them in a luxurious Holly Hunt outdoor velvet to child proof them.  Wing chair from The Shop New York.

Beautiful coffee table that I have utilized twice, which is rare for me.  Madame X coffee table by the talented Douglas Levine for Bright Chair.

The Arica bench and table by Jiun Ho.  So elegant, as usual from this designer.

The Ava Lounge chair from Reagan Hayes, pictured in my foyer for Chicago's DreamHome.  I was so thrilled to include one of her pieces in my room.

Such an iconic piece: the Cherner Armchair.  Really stunning and perfect for a breakfast room.

I have always loved this chandelier designed by Schilsan, available at Property Furniture in NYC.

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