Friday, October 18, 2013

Fabulous Fridays - Fancy

I am so excited for this weekend because my best friend from college is coming for a visit and wow do I need this break and camaraderie.  Saturday night I  am going to cook a big family dinner since my kids are as excited to see Aunt Nell as I am.

I thought that it would be a great opportunity to do a low key but fancy night.  That really is symbolic of my life in general and even of my work.  And one who knows my work sees that it is very calculated and "fancy" may be just the perfect word to describe it.  I love well edited spaces and want every piece I choose to be sculptural, beautiful and have meaning.  I do not see anything wrong in swapping the piece you owned in college for a quality design.  That action signifies the growth in your life.  Certainly if something has extra special meaning it is nice to keep it but perhaps repurposing the piece would serve you better.

I love living with luxury and it may be something as simple as using crystal stemware for your glass of wine as you cook dinner or having fresh peonies cut daily for your entry.  On the other hand the "low key" part of my life/design comes from having four children as well as wanting my spaces  to be approachable.  So on that note...  

below is my easy but delicious menu for Saturday, courtesy of my go-to site, Epicurious.  I am currently pressing the linens and baking the cheesecake and hoping she has a wonderful stay...

Cheese Plate with Figs

Also planning on picking up these Ikat Cocktail napkins from Biscuit Home during our shopping excursion this weekend!  Perfect for thoughtful but relaxed entertaining.

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