Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Contest Wednesdays - Furnishings

It is that time again to share the lovely and talented sources I used in this month's winning design.  I'll begin by highlighting what really inspired this serene and textural concept in general:


Highlight 1
I really like to utilize unique storage options.  This piece by Magni made for easy inspiration.  It's rich parchment doors will wear just the right amount over decades of use.  I love that you can splurge on a piece like this and end up using it in almost any room in the house.

Highlight 2
This piece looks just architectural enough to suit the artistic ways of the client, but its warm metal finishes make it so incredibly elegant.  

Highlight 3
This piece by Koen Meersman is all about beauty through texture.  And the geometry of it is just as stunning.  An incredible value for an original piece.  Enjoy this closer look below:

Again, a look at the entire room when all put together:

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