Monday, January 6, 2014

Lovely Mondays - Longevity

In the spirit of the New Year and the reevaluation of inspiration and design I want to take time to write about my favorite furniture designer because it seems so fitting.  Paul McCobb was the founder of The Planner Group, the best selling line of furniture in the 1950s.  And at least in my work, which leans toward contemporary, I could use almost any single one of his pieces and have it blend seamlessly in the room.  As I am designing my collection of pieces that is my first goal - longevity.  I was in a dialogue with Domino Magazine recently about "modern" and "timeless" not necessarily being a contradiction.  I believe if interiors and furnishings look fresh and stop short of contrived then they have the ability to have a life span that is beyond the customary.  

So on this cold and exhaustive Monday that we are all having I hope these images bring you as much joy and inspiration as they do for me.

For all the talk about styled bar carts lately, could you do any better than this?  Imagine an eclectic collection of bottles and glasses displayed here - would be stunning.  Étagère via 1stdibs and ABC Modern

This is my go to fill-a-corner accessory.  Perfect proportions and major interest.  1stdibs and Metropolis Modern.

This piece was designed for the Calvin Group.  Notice the metal leg detail...I love this use of mixed materials and this has greatly influenced my furniture line.  Again from 1stdibs, through stripe Vintage Modern.

Perfect end tables.  Available through one of my favorite sources, WYETH.

These upholstered chairs are so chic and current.   They look fantastic in white but with such clean lines would take a printed fabric just as well.

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