Friday, January 3, 2014

Fabulous Fridays - New Year and New Ventures

Like most I have a lot of plans for 2014, both personal and for my business.  It is always an exciting idea to be able to gain a fresh start.  So far, one of my goals of awaking and getting ready for the day before my children get up is already down the drain since I feel completely exhausted from all of the holiday celebrations.  Our kids have been angels by making themselves breakfast and letting us sleep until about 8:30 so I am taking full advantage.  

So after admitting that I have strike one against me I wanted to take a moment to explain why I have started this site as a side venture and why I see it as an important part of my work (and life) in 2014 and ultimately why I'd like it to be a part of yours as well.

As you may know, I am an avid cook and I love reading cooking blogs and watching shows.  So many experts offer daily advice written from their perspective in the trenches.  I will never be a food expert and I fully admit that and love to learn from them.  I recently realized that there is a scarcity in this area in the design world.  We all love our printed magazines and Houzz, Decorpad and certain bloggers are doing a nice job bringing readers inspiration but there still is a large disconnect between the reader and professional designer.  My strong hope is to bridge this gap and here is why:

-- After a decade in the interior design world I have really enjoyed the interactions with people who say they are either intimidated or don't have the money to hire a professional.  I am eager to talk with them (let's face it, how often does one really get to feel like an expert in everyday conversation??) and when I take on projects for people that never expected to love their home...and then is really fun to watch. 
-- I also enjoy educating people about design; I suppose it is my education background still lingering.  With my monthly contest readers get to see everything that goes in to a room concept from a behind the scenes perspective.
--Finally, I love my sources and love to share them even more.  I love having access to amazing craftsmen who are making truly modern heirlooms like Troscan Design and Lindsey Adelman.  I love watching vintage dealers like Wyeth source the pieces I don't have time to search the world for with their trained eye.   

So essentially, while I continue to be lucky to work in beautiful homes across the country on a select basis, I get to accomplish what I love about design on a larger broadband because of this dialogue.  And I so far am overwhelmed by your response and faithful readership these past three months so thank you for the encouragement.

Happy 2014!

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