Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Contest Wednesdays - Furnishings

This is an exciting post for me because I love my sources so when I have an opportunity to share them with you and potentially bring them more business, I am thrilled.  We used some superstar sources for this contest and we are going to let you have access to our personal rolodex.   We hope you enjoyed this month's up is a modern home office space (featured in January).  And please remember that if you'd like to enter the next contest you have until December 31!

Highlight 1
The Daybed
This gorgeous piece is by Madeline Stuart.  We placed it in front of the fireplace because it provides a luxe seating option which would otherwise be hard to pull off in this small room.  With its extremely low back, you can place it in front of the fireplace and still take advantage of the great view.  The fact that it is more shallow than a normal sofa (32" compared to 40") is key.  Using an outdoor fabric makes it extra durable.

Highlight 2
The Armchairs
These chairs available at Jayson Home will work very well comfortably pulled up to our round game/work table, but the most important thing is that they are light enough to rotate to face the daybed.  All of a sudden you get a seating group for four perfect for entertaining.

Highlight 3
The Art
With a more traditional space we decided to mix things up a bit by placing some contemporary photography.  Since this particualr family has children, we thought that the playful and lively work of  James and Karla Murray would be a wonderful addition to the room.

Extra Details
The antique marble fireplace will be an unexpected juxtaposition against the modern mahogany paneling.  The small bench with sconces above will make for a great reading corner for the clients youngest daughter.  The ceiling fixture by Urban Electric is refined and classic but the finish is really a wow factor.  

Please look for next week when we'll discuss the textile and color decisions!

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