Monday, December 30, 2013

Lovely Mondays - Budget Friendly

Given that we are post holiday and some of you may want to put that credit card away for a bit, today I will shine the light on a few pieces that stylistically can hold their own in a high end interior space.  They provide style and at the same time would suit any budget.

Admittedly I will not do this often so this may be a post for the record books.  The reason is simple; I truly believe in the ability of the craftsman. I am lucky to be able to wander through showrooms such as Holly Hunt, Design Atelier and Dennis Miller and see impeccably made pieces of furniture. I know and my clients end up knowing what priceless pieces these are and what they can add to your home.  It is why I have been so carefully developing and editing and reworking my own line of furniture.  I do concede however that there are times you need to add a piece here or there that isn't heirloom quality - perhaps to try something trendy, or because you know it will end up to be your four year old's favorite spot (or in the direction that your four year old will be throwing a baseball as in the case with our home).  So with that in mind.....

This is the Valencia Vanity Stool from Home Decorators. At $159 it is a steal and is extremely versatile.

I have owned this side table from Neiman Marcus for ten years and it is still one of my favorite pieces.  I have used it as a standard side table for my living room, but it has the height for a nightstand or a tea table.

This is such a nicely designed barstool from Ikea.  Comfortable but modern.  I have used them with custom slipcovers for an even sharper look.

Wisteria is definitely my favorite mail order catalog.  They really have a number of unique items at reasonable prices.

I love this mirror for its simplicity and scale.  

Another simple piece but the alabaster will certainly add luxury to any room.

I am often impressed with the home goods from Urban Outfitters.  I certainly could not wear their clothing anymore so I'll stick to curtains...

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