Friday, December 20, 2013

I hope you enjoy the first full post from our contributor, Kelly Barnett.  She is my wonderful design assistant and such a talent; we are lucky to have her on board! 

Fabulous Fridays - Sunday Brunch

Sunday brunch is hands down my favorite meal of the weekend. Give me some good coffee, a mimosa, and delicious breakfast food and I'm set for a day of relaxing (in stretchy pants) with the people I love. The problem with brunch, for me, is always "the choice." Salty or sweet? Pastry or eggs? Toast or pancakes?

With a quiche I don't have to decide. Eggs and cheese in a pie crust? Why yes, I'll take a slice. Or three.  A few months ago I stumbled upon this adapted Thomas Keller Mushroom Quiche recipe on the Smitten Kitchen Blog. 

The dangerously buttery crust alone was WELL worth the tedious hours of prepping and cooking. Deb recommends par baking your crust so I made mine the night before we had guests over for brunch. (If you are going to do this I suggest you invest in some baking beads... I made do with all the change and rice in my house to fill the 3" thick pan and ended up hunched over the sink separating change from rice for the rest of the night... not as easy as it sounds.) 

Below is my first attempt which I would label "moderately successful."

I say "moderately" because the crust was heavenly but I should have let the quiche set for a bit longer before serving. If you are hoping to serve your guests brunch before noon I suggest getting up early for this one. :)

We have friends visiting from out of town this weekend and I plan on taking on this mountain of a quiche again.. this time with a crazy toddler and a newborn in tow. Let's be honest, we might end up with an eggy mess and be going out for brunch on Sunday.

This time I'll add the two extra eggs Deb mentions on her blog. Personally I prefer a denser quiche to a custard. I also substituted basil for thyme the first time around (this is a no thyme household) and added fresh crumbled feta and the flavors were amazing.

Serve with a light arugula salad and some fresh fruit and you have a brunch that will wow your holiday guests and satisfy the full gamut of brunch cravings. And don't forget the seasonal pomegranate mimosas!

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