Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Contest Wednesdays - Space Planning

In today's post we are going to share the details of the floor plan for this month's winning design.  Our challenge was to fit THREE purposes into a fairly small, square room.   The clients wanted this 13' x 13' room to function as a reading lounge, an entertaining space and a work space.

As with any small space, allowing furnishings to easily move and serve more than one purpose is key.    Also, by using furnishings that aren't typical is helpful as well (a standard 7' long and deep sofa or overstuffed lounge chairs, for example).

Function 1 - A lounge-y reading space
We placed the gorgeous low running chaise in front of the fireplace; an extra cozy placement and one of the only places that a large scale piece could be successful.  An added bonus of making for a killer view as you walk into the room.  

Function 2 - A work space
We fit in a corner banquette with a nice size 42" round table.  This can now work as a game space, homework space or even an intimate dining space.  The banquette allowed us to fit a larger table because it does not require the depth that dining chairs would.

Function 3 - An entertaining space
When guests are present the game table will work as a perfect buffet/bar.  The two freestanding chairs will turn and pull up nicely to face the daybed to work as a conversation space for 4.

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